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Published: 03rd June 2011
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The clean up to word HTML/XHTML command in Dreamweaver is a must for any web file the receives pasted content from word and any 0ther Microsoft documents, including word HTML, PowerPoint, and Excel files. Because Microsoft files often embed extra markup to make the file retain its formatting, you need to use this tool to strip that out, ensuring that the web site code- and only the web site code-distaste the look of the site to the visitor’s browser.

To access this feature in any open document in Dreamweaver, follow these steps:

1. Choose commands? Clean Up word HTML.

2. Modify the cleanup settings as desired on both the and detailed tabs of the dialog box.

Most of options in the basic tab and all the options in the detailed tab will be automatically enable to provide the most robust from of cleanup. Ignore the detailed tab and leave all the provide the options on the basic tab for this exercise, with the exception of the set background color option on the basic tab, which should be deselected.

a. Remove All word specific markups: This option deletes any special markup that is required to format the page in word and word HTML files, but is unnecessary in a normal HTML file.

b. Clean Up CSS: Enable this option to delete any word-specific CSS markup.

c. Fix Invalidly Nested Tags: word sometimes adds markup to a page outside normal heading and paragraph tags, which do not conform to valid tag nesting standards. This option will remove those tags.

d. Set Background Color: if you’re styling pages using CSS be sure to deselect this option. Otherwise this function will add a background color attribute, using the color specified, to the opening tag in your code.

e. Apply Source Formatting: Source formatting is determined by the option specified in Dreamweaver file as well as the code format setting n the preferences panel.

f. Show Log on Completion: Select this check box to see a summary of the cleanup results.

Cleaning up HTML/XHTML Syntax :- Another useful tool that should be applied every page on a completed site prior to publishing is the clan Up HTML/XHTML command, which looks for problematic code and automatically cleans up those error. This is especially helpful when Dreamweaver uses one markup language and you used another but you’d ultimately like all the code to be consistent. The clean up HTML/XHTML command takes its cue from the stated Document type definition in the file and will convert any will convert any tags that are inconsistent to the proper format.

Use these steps to access this feature in any open document in Dreamweaver:

Choose commands ? clean up HTML or commands ? clean up XHTML

Dreamweaver automatically recognizes the DTD in the page code and displays the right clean up HTML/XHTML dialog box will open.

Modify the cleanup settings as desired.

A few of the options are automatically enabled, but you can disable them to suit particular cleanup needs. For instance, you can use the tool to up only empty tags.

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